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No Wax,No Threading,No Pain,Magical Hair Removal Lotion for Permanent Results

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Hair can be differentiated into  body hair and head hairs. Body hair  develops on the human body during and after puberty.The head hair  are thicker and visible while body hair are  less visible much finer and lighter in color.The density of hair i.e the number of hair follicles per unit area of skin varies from person to person. In many cases, areas on the human body that contain vellus hair will begin to produce darker and thicker body hair, such as the first growth of beard hair on a male and female adolescent's previously smooth chin; although it may appear thinner on the female.

Removing unwanted body hairs can be nightmare for  ladies if they are darken thicken and makes you look like you're wearing a hair rug on your back or shoulders.There are so many ways  like waxing,threading,shaving,laser treatment,etc to get rid of body hair,but these method are either expensive or painful and time consuming,the laser therapy and electrolyte process may damage your skin also

Most of women around globe looking for the natural way to remove hairs and in past woman been using home remedies to get rid of this  hairs from body these remedies using natural ingredients found in nature, No lasers, no harsh hair removal creams, and definitely no risk of razor burn.

Today i m going to tell one of most effected and easy home remedy to remove hair from body.if you are looking to remove hair without wax .this mixture can remove hair in just 2 minutes completely.

Lets start making,

 you need

Egg White                        1
Corn Flour                        1 table spoon
Sugar                              1 table spoon
rice flour                          1 table spoon

How to Make

Take a egg and separate egg white in a bowl.
Now add  corn flour ,sugar,rice flour  into egg white and mix them well.
Beat the mixture very well till it became in foam shape.
your lotion is ready to use now.

How to Use

  • Apply the thick layer of foam on the area where u want to remove the hair.
  • make even thick layer on surface.
  • Now put piece of falalen cloth on that mixture.
  • Now  slightly pat it for 2-4 minutes.
  • After time over remove the strip in the opposite direction of hair.
  • It will remove all your hair at once, if your hair are thick  then repeat this  process again .
  • Most amazing thing is that hair will not come again for long time

Monday, July 29, 2019

Potato Juice Challenge for Hand and Feet Whitening And softening,Easy and Effective Home Remedy

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when we meet to anybody our hands and feet are noticed first,they are the most overlooked parts of human body.These parts remained open all the time and are used most, then other body parts,but unfortunately we take less care of them due to which the color of hands and feet  get dark day by day.The main triggering factor are  constant exposure to dust, pollution, and the sun,harsh condition etc .by doing little effort we can change their color.

There are lot of sunscreen lotions to prevent the darkening of the skin, but, Sun doesn’t spare anyone. But they usually contain a lot of harmful chemicals and bleaching agents. However, certain natural home remedies can help you in getting clean and fair hands and feet without having to spend a  big money.
Today i have brought you a best and most effective home remedy to brighten hands and feed skin.This remedy is very easy to do at home,

Lets start making,

How Potato Works

Potato have natural bleaching properties to  reduce melamine production and lower hyper pigmentation and lighten skin tone .Potato is rich with vitamin C to boast collagen production which help skin elasticity.Potato have  enzyme to reduce dark spot ,black spot acne scar mark.

You Need

  • Potato                             1 medium size
  • baking soda                    1 pinch
  • almond oil                      2 table spoon

How to Make

  • Take a fresh medium size potato.
  • Now peel it off with knife.
  • Now grind  it  and take the juice off with strainer.
  • Now add baking soda.
  • Then add almond oil.
  • Now mix them very well to make solution.

How toUse

  • Now apply this solution directly on your feet and hands with the help of hand or brush
  • let it sit for 10 minutes.
  • then wash with normal water.
  • Repeat this 2-3 time in a week for good result.

NOTE: you can feel tingling in this process but do not worry that mean the solution is working on your skin and it will go in a while.

Remove Blemishes,Oil and Dirt From Face,Get Clean,Glowing and Nourishing Skin Naturally

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Everyone surprise why mango is called the King of Fruits It’s because of its multi benefits. It is not only pleases your taste  but  it also help nourishing and brightening your skin.With the start of mango season let this king fruit  make a way for  ruling your skin care regimen. But before I tell you how to treat your skin with magoes, let’s see how exactly it helps your skin.
Mango does a lot of wonderful things to your skin. They are 

1.  Anti-Inflammatory Activities
Mango can treat chronic cases of inflammation quite effectively. A study found that mango extracts have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects due to the existence of polyphenols.

2.  Reduce premature Aging

Mango is loaded with antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory effects on your skin. A study involving hairless mice found that mango extracts prevent wrinkle formation.Mango also prevents collagen damage. Collagen is a protein that keeps your skin elastic and prevents signs of aging.

3. Antibacterial and Antifungal 

Studies have proved that mango can prevent a wide range of bacterial, fungal, and microbial attacks on your skin. Mango extracts (peel and seed) contain gallates, proanthocyanidins, and gallotannins, which fight fungal infections 

4.  Antioxidants
And the list includes your skin BFFs, such as beta-carotene and vitamins C and E, which are free radical scavengers. Also mango extract was found to inhibit DNA damage caused by bleomycin a medicine that is used for treating cancer.

Today i am going to tell you one of best home remedy for nourishing and brightening your skin using mangoes .Its very easy to make and very useful for all kind of skin. 

Mango and Multani Mitt  Face Mask

       Mango makes the skin soft,shining and glowing while multani mitti removes excess dirt and oil, minimizes blemishes, and brightens your skin. This mango face mask is especially beneficial during hot  and humid weather.
Lets start making,

You Need

  • Mango                                    1    ripe
  • Yogurt                                    1     teaspoon
  • Multani Mitt                          3   teaspoons

How to Make
  • Take a fresh medium size ripe mango.
  • peel it off. then blend the mango pulp well in blender.
  • Add fuller’s earth into it and  mix them well.
  • Now adjust the consistency with yogurt.
  • Make into shape of paste.

How to Use
  • Clean your face with water. 
  • Apply the face pack on your face with your hand.
  • Let it dry for 20 minutes.
  • After then massage your face with wet hands in circular motion for while.
  • Then wash your face with normal water.
  • Repeat this in 2 time in a week for best results.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Remove the Yellow Stain From Your Teeth Naturally, Give Your Smile a Celebrity Look With White and Bright Teeth

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Bright and healthy teeth are big weapon to impress the world with your lovely smile but  if you have yellow teeth you would not want the world to see them.It is necessary to take care of your teeth and make sure they are healthy and white. 

Cause of Yellow Teeth
Some of the most common causes include, 

      Certain foods  such as red wine, are potential causes of yellow teeth. Some of the most common causes of tooth discoloration include drinking beverages such as coffee, soda, and wine. These substances get into the enamel of your teeth and can cause long-term discolor of teeth

           Smoking is one of the top causes of yellow teeth, and stains from smoking can be stubborn. But it can be prevented by quitting smoking, following a complete oral care routine of twice-daily tooth brushing and daily flossing, and using the right teeth-whitening products.

       Certain medical conditions or medications are also causes of yellow teeth. Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy for head or neck cancers may develop yellow or stained teeth.medications for asthma and high blood pressure are causes of yellow teeth.

Poor Oral Hygiene
                 Poor oral hygiene is one of the causes of yellow teeth, but even the most diligent brushers and flossers can develop the discolored teeth that occur simply with age.

          Excessive fluoride exposure is also among the causes of yellow teeth, especially in children.

 When it comes to whitening your teeth,there are plenty of products available in the market,but most whitening products use chemicals to bleach your teeth, which concerns many people. If you want whiter teeth, but also want to avoid the chemicals, then try the home remedies that are both natural and safe.

Strawberries and Baking Soda

Whitening your teeth with a strawberry and baking soda mixture is a natural remedy that has been made popular by celebrities.
The malic acid found in strawberries will remove discoloration on your teeth, while the baking soda will buff away stains.

 You Need

  • Strawberries
  • Baking soda

How to Use
  • Take small clean glass bowl.
  • Take fresh strawberries.
  • Crush the strawberry to a pulp.
  • Then mix with the baking soda until blended. 
  • Use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture onto your teeth.
  • Leave on for 5 minutes, 
  • Then brush thoroughly with toothpaste to remove the mixture.
  • Rinse your mouth with normal water.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps,Prevention With Practicing Good Shaving Habits,Treatment with Natural Ingredients

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Razor bumps also called razor burn, are small irritated bumps on the skin. They happen after you shave, when strands of hair curl back on themselves and grow into the skin.  Razor bumps pop up after you shave, when the sharp edge of a closely cut hair curls back and grows into your skin. This can cause irritation, pimples, and even scars. 

Razor bumps  are caused by improper shaving tools and products. When hairs are cut beneath the skin, they tend to curl and bend as they grow back, forming unsightly and often painful bumps.

How Razor Burn  Be Prevented

These tips can help to prevent razor burn,

  • To minimize razor bumps, take a hot shower before you shave.
  • Moisurize your skin with water and mild soap first. This will soften the hair and open the pores.
  • Use a thick shaving gel.
  • Don't stretch the skin when you shave.
  •  Always shave in the direction the hair is growing.
  • Use the fewest razor strokes possible. 
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • Use an electric razor if you can adjust it to avoid the closest setting.
  • After you shave, use a moisturizing cream.
  • Anyone can get them. They're most common in people with tightly curled or spiral hair strands.

Practicing Good Shaving Habits.

Avoid shaving:

  • quickly
  • too frequently
  • on dry skin
  • with an old razor
  • with products that irritate your skin
  • against the grain of your hair
  • too close to the skin by pulling it when you shave
  • void single-use razors and replace your razor after five to seven uses. Make sure to rinse the razor well after every use. Try a shaving lotion rather than soap, which may irritate or dry out your legs.

Single blade safety razors cut your hair at skin-level. Unlike multi-blade razors, this design helps prevent tugging, pulling and cutting beneath the skin. All of these issues can cause razor bumps and other irritation. With the right routine and proper technique, a safety razor can give you the clean shave you want without damaging your skin.

There are many product and after shaving lotion for this problem but these product are expensive and many have side effect,then why not try the natural ingredient,there are many home remedies that claim to get rid of ingrown hairs if they do occur, one of most effective remedy is using which hazel.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a natural antiseptic that helps reduce inflammation in the skin.Witch hazel helps soothe and heals razor bumps.It's a natural and safe astringent for skin irritation! 
For acne sufferers, witch hazel can reduce redness and frequency of pimples in fact, if you have oily skin, witch hazel makes for a great natural astringent.All popular astringent for razor bumps are made with witch hazel .

How to Use

Wash the affected area of skin with warm water and soap. 
Rinse the skin with warm water and gently pat it dry with a towel.
Saturate a cotton ball or cotton beauty pad with a witch hazel astringent and  apply it the effected area.
Saturate the cotton again if it dries out before you can moisten the entire area of razor bumps.
Repeat the process daily until the razor bumps clear up.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

How to Get rid of Painful Inner Thigh and Under Arm Rashes, Cool Sensational Home Remedy For Instant Relief

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A rash on the inner thigh and under arm is a  widely spread complaint in summer. The lack of airflow around the inner thighs and excessive sweating allow bacteria and other germs to flourish. This area is also easily irritated by friction or contact with clothing.Summer rashes can also be caused by things like sunlight, insects, sweating and overheating tiny red spots; an irritating itch and prickling sensation; redness and mild .Rashes on your inner thigh area can be itchy. But even though you might want to scratch them, at times you just cannot. Inner thigh skin rashes are quite common, and usually occur due to allergies, constant contact with damp clothes, skin chafing or when you exercise a lot.

There are many possible reasons for an inner thigh and under arm rashes . Both women and men are susceptible to inner thigh rashes, although the causes may vary between the sexes.

     The inner thighs are especially prone to chafing because they can rub against one another or be irritated by clothing and pantyhose. Physical activities, such as running, may also lead to chafing.

     Bad clothing or clothing made from materials not natural, can be the lending factor towards chaffing and rash on the inner thigh. Synthetic, by nature doesn’t allow the body to breathe. Skinnies and tight pants made from unnatural synthetic materials cause more friction towards the skin and create sweaty patches to make the skin tender, which in turns cause the rash to appear. Opt for cotton instead.

Heat, excessive sweating and tight clothing when coupled together leads to the skin turning tender, thus inducing thigh and groin rash over time. Opt for free flowing clothing that doesn’t allow the accumulation of sweat to happen.

4. Insect Bites
The small rashes and bumps as seen on the skin could be due to mosquito bites, bed bug bites, and even home ant bites. These are rashes that do not last as long as they are mild. However, significant discomfort and itching could be experienced.

5. Fungal Infection 
It could be jock itch, and is caused by a fungus named tinea Curtis. There is severe itching accompanied with the area turning red and inflamed in the inner. Sometimes, the rashes turn into blister like eruptions which have watery secretions too.

Shaving can have an after effect when it is not done gently. In such cases, there will be massive itching without any visible eruptions. When you continue to itch, bumpy formations start to appear. These spots would turn into watery blisters if ignored.


1.Stay Hygienic :
    Never ever sleep on damp and dirty bed sheets.
Change your sanitary pads at least thrice a day.
Never wear a damp or wet underwear
Hence, keeping yourself hygienic and clean always is a must, or else one would get chaffed skin or rashes!

2.  Undergarments That Do Not Suit Your Skin:
      Rashes can happen because of allergies towards certain fabrics and materials. Wear undergarments mostly made of cotton.

3. Stay Dry
    Stay dry as much as possible and wear plenty of loose cotton clothing, especially the lower half. This allows for more air flow and the sweat would be dried in no time, not allowing chaffing and rashes to happen in the inner thigh.

4. After Bath Care
     Avoid taking bath for long hours and with hot water. Post bath, hydrate your body with a creamy moisturizer when the body is still damp.

A rash on the inner thigh resembles rashes in other areas of the body. Accompanying symptoms can include:

  • blisters
  • burning sensations
  • discomfort
  • itchiness
  • oozing from the lesions
  • pain
  • red bumps
  • scaly patches
      There are many product and cream are available in the market for rashes and fungal infection,but being expensive they may have side effects also,no need to spend money on buying expensive product if nature and organic ingredient have solution in it.Today i am going to tell best and effective home remedies to treat itches and rashes.these remedies swill give instant relief and cool soothing sensation.
lets have a look on it,

Baking soda 

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is an old household remedy for itchy skin, rashes, poison ivy, or bug bites. Baking soda may sooth your skin, putting the skin’s pH into balance.

Baking soda bath

1.To make a baking soda bath, add between ¼ to 2 cups of baking soda to warm bath water and stir it around to let it dissolve.
Once the baking soda has completely dissolved, soak in the tub for up to 40 minutes. After the bath, pat the skin dry with a towel and use a natural oil or lotion to moisturize the skin.
2.You can also make a paste with a little water and baking soda and apply to the affected area.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Full Body Skin Whitening And Brightening Pack For Smooth, Soft And Glowing Skin ,Money Saving Home Remedy

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Ubtan is basically a beauty pack made of different natural ingredients. Also, it helps in removing tan and brightens up your complexion.In past Ubtan  Mayon was one such function which actually helped the bride in real to give her that glowing skin a bride really needs. 

Imagine If applying Ubtan on one day can have that affect,  how amazing the results would be if applied regularly. Not to forget it is so light on the pocket, and you can make them with ingredients available around your house!

This multi-purpose  remedy can be used as a soap, scrub and a face or body mask for clean, clear and glowing skin. ubtan is not just great for your skincare but have also been also used in Ayurvedic treatments for centuries to heal metabolic and lifestyle-related diseases.
what it does to your skin
  • Cleaning up your skin – A majority of women rely on store bought artificially made skincare products like face wash, soap, cleanser etc to clean their faces and bodies. An ubtan is the most natural way to clean your skin. The traditional kind of ubtan uses milk, which has nutrients like Vitamin A that make your skin healthy. Milk also cleanses your skin of excess oil and dirt.
  • Healing skin disorders – If used consistently ubtan can help remove acne, pigmentation and even scars.
  • Exfoliation – Chickpea flour is used in almost every ubtan recipe because it is a natural exfoliant. It’s fantastic to remove dead skin cells and makes your skin look clearer.
  • Soothing – Sandalwood powder is another common ubtan ingredient. It relieves your skin from all the accumulated stress and cools it down.
  • Reducing inflammation .Rose water is the most common liquid used in ubtan mixes. It combats all the nasty inflammation on your skin by healing redness, irritation and acne.
  • Anti-aging – If you’re in your 30s and are beginning to see a few lines on your face, you‘re probably looking for an anti-aging skin solution. Instead of investing in ridiculously expensive face creams, try using an ubtan because the turmeric and orange peel are full of antioxidants which slow down aging.
  • Slowing the growth of facial hair – If you have facial hair that you want to reduce, applying an ubtan regularly can be helpful, as massaging your face in gentle circular upward motion with ubtan is known to make your facial hair thinner over time.
Today i am going to tell you the complete beauty pack for your whole body.its is very cheap and easy to make and easy to use.Owing to the natural ingredients used in the ubtan, I suggest you make it a permanent addition to your beauty regimen.

Lets start making,

you need
  • Sandalwood powder                  1 table spoon
  • Gram flour (besan)                   1 table spoon
  • Turmeric (haldi)                       1/2 table spoon
  • Raw milk                                 2-3 table spoon
  • Rose water                             2 table spoon

How to Make
  • Take a clean glass bowl.
  • Mix sandalwood powder with gram flour and turmeric.
  • Now add rose water and milk  and mix them well
  • Mix till it become smooth paste.
  • The paste should not have too much of a runny consistency, nor too thick. 
How to use
  • Apply the paste all over your face and body
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Wash it off with water.
  • For full body you can increase the ingredients as you required.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How To Treat Oily Skin, Get Rid Of Open Pores, Acne And Pimples,Summer Special Remedy

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Oily skin is the main reason of many skin problems like open skin pores, acne, pimples, black and whiteheads, dark spot etc. Excessive production of skin oil make skin oily. Our skin have pores on it every where, Extra skin oil make skin pores open and large. When dirt, pollution and dust enter in these open and large skin pores and mix with extra skin oil, create acne, pimples, black and whiteheads, dark spots etc. If you want to get rid of acne, pimples and dark spots etc , first of all you have to treat oily skin, then open skin pores . Oily skin create very bad impression in summer season. Oily skin look greasy and dark because dirt and dust create layer on it. Extra sweating in summer also make skin dirty and greasy.
Today I will tell you how you can treat oily skin at home with the help of very simple, easy and effective home remedy. All the ingredients in this remedy are totally natural, easily available, cheap in price and have no any side effect like chemical skin care products. Use of this remedy will not only make skin non oily but also make skin tight, smooth and glowing.
Let's start making remedy for oily skin.


  • Wheat Flour               2 tablespoon
  • Aloe Vera Gel             1 tablespoon
  • Turmeric Powder        1/2 teaspoon
  • Apple Cider Vinegar    1 teaspoon
  • Glycerin                     1 teaspoon
  • Rose Water                2 tablespoon


How To Prepare,

  • Take a small clean glass bowl.
  • Add all above ingredients in it.
  • Mix very well all the ingredients to make fine smooth one color paste.
  • Your remedy is ready to use now.
How To Use,
  • Wash your face with normal water and pat it dry.
  • Apply this paste on skin thoroughly to make a layer of paste on skin.
  • Let it leave for 15 minutes or until complete dry.
  • After complete dry wash your face with normal water.
  • Use this remedy twice weekly to get rid of oily skin, open 
        skin pores, pimples and acne.

                  Saturday, July 13, 2019

                  Remove Dead Skin Cell and Dark Tone With Skin Polishing Formula ,Get Smooth and Shining Face

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                  Summers is on its peak and in this hot weather our skin tends to develop dullness and it also loses its glow.Pollution, stress, sun tan, medication and lifestyle changes can  also affect your  skin complexion,No concealer or foundation can give a natural glow to the skin.

                                Skin polish is one of the famous face treatment procedures done all over the world. One of the key features of skin polish is, there are no side effects of it and it lighters the skin tone and also glow the face.

                   The purpose of skin polish is to remove dead cells from skin, clear it from wrinkles, scars, and dark circles and nourish the skin in a fresh tone. If we look back there was the time when only makeup experts did skin polish, but now with the use of natural ingredients you can do skin polish at home easily.
                   Usage of soaps and face washes will remove moisture from the skin and makes your skin look dull and pale. In due time it even causes age marks.

                  How Skin Polishing work

                  • Removes all dead skin cells and promotes regeneration of new cells.
                  • Makes your skin soft and radiant.
                  • Reduce dryness and moisturizes your skin.
                  • It promotes blood circulation (when you massage during polishing).
                  • It eliminates the signs of sun damage.

                            There are many products available in the market for this purpose but they are expensive and may have side effect as they contain chemical ,Today I am going to share a remedy that will remove all the skin tan, dead cells from your skin as well as softens the skin. This skin polishing powder can be used on any skin type.

                  Rice Flour Skin Polishing scrub

                             It will give you a smoother looking skin which has healthy glow. It will remove the dead skin and with regular usage of this polishing scrub you will notice that your skin looks smoother and softer. 

                  Lemon Juice

                  Lemon juice in this facial scrub will lighten the skin and removes the blemishes from the face. You can also use this for your body.

                  You Need

                  • Rice flour                        1 table spoon
                  • Basin                               1 table spoon
                  • Honey                             2 table spoon
                  • Lemon juice                     1/4 table spoon

                  How to Make

                  • Take 1 table spoon of uncooked rice.
                  • Grind them to make a powder form.
                  • Add basin into it and mix them very well.
                  • Now add honey to mixture and make a thick paste.

                  How to Use

                  • Apply this paste on face with your hands.
                  • Gently massage  for 3-5 minutes to exfoliate the skin.
                  • Let it dry for 20 minutes.
                  • Wash your face with normal water.
                  • If your skin is oily try this scrub 2 times in a week for dry skin you can do this once in a week.

                  Note! Add lemon juice if your facial skin is oily and have acne marks.