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Headache, Cause, Prevention And 5 Top Home Remedies to Get Rid of Headache Without Medicine

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Headaches is one of the most common medical complaints.Most of the people experience it at some point in their life.They can affect anyone regardless of age,race,and gender.

headache is a sign of stress or emotional distress or it can result from a medical disorder, such as migraine or high blood pressure,anxiety or depression. It can lead to other problems

Headache or pain in head is very common condition which we all face in our daily life. There are many reasons behind the headache like, tiredness, tension, stress, less sleep, less water drinking, weather effects, high level cholesterol or blood thickness, blood pressure weakness etc.  Headache make you uncomfortable, nothing feel good, deficiency of thoughts, mind work, education or other works totally disturbed when you are facing headache.
Today i will share very simple and easy home remedies or tips to get rid of headache with out any medicine at home. These remedies are very effective and fast in results.


  • Drink much water
  • Take enough sleep
  • Sort out stress and tension factors
  • Take enough rest after work
  • Maintain and control blood pressure
  • Maintain Cholesterol
  • Take healthy foods
  • Save yourself from weather effects like heat or cold

4 Best Home remedies to treat Headache at home

1. Lemon Grass Tea

Lemon grass tea is very effective in headache as it is natural healer. Make a cup of lemon grass tea like ordinary you do , add some sugar  and lemon to taste and take by sips. You will feel relax in headache.

1.Ginger Tea

As you all know ginger have healing and inflammatory properties. Ginger root tea works best in headache. Make ginger tea, ad some sugar to taste and take it by sips. You will feel relax of headache very soon.

3.Ice Rub

Use of ice for headache is very effective in headache condition. Take some cubes of ice, cove with cloth and rub on neck gently for 5 to 7 minutes. You will see you headache disappear soon and you feel relax.

4. Levender Oil 

Lavender is best to relief from headache.The active ingredient in lavender oil is menthol,which has been found to help relieve headache pain.Plus,it has a nice cooling effect.

How to Use 
just take 2-3 drop of Lavender oil on your palm and mix 2 -3 drop of peppermint oil and gently massage on your forehead and around will give you cool and soothing sensation and relief from headache.

5. Mint Tea

       Mint tea is very effective for headache. Take some leaves of fresh mint and boil for 7 - 10 minutes. After boiling strain with strainer and add some sugar to taste. Take this min tea by sips and get rid of headache immediately.

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Teeth Sensitivity, Its Causes, Prevention, 4 Best Home Remedies to Get Instant Relief

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If hot or cold,sweet or sour acidic foods and drinks makes your teeth feel painful then you have sensitive teeth.Sensitive teeth are the result of worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth roots.In healthy teeth enamel protects the underlying layer of dentin which is softer than enamel. The tooth roots are protected by gums. But if the enamel is damage or if the gum line has receded then the dentin become exposed.

Sometimes tooth discomfort is caused by other factor such as a cavity a cracked or chipped tooth a worn filling or gum disease.


Some of the causes of tooth sensitivity are,

  • Over zealous brushing
  •  Damaged tooth enamel from using a hard toothbrush
  • Eroded tooth by highly acidic foods and beverages
  • Tooth decay
  • Worn out teeth fillings
  • Broken tooth
  • Receding gums
  • Teeth grinding


Here are few steps you can take to prevent tooth sensitivity

  • Use a soft bristled toothbrush which  help prevent gum loss.
  • Brush with a sensitivity toothpaste like Crest Gum and Sensitivity which will continue removing plaque to clean teeth while providing fast relief from sensitivity by treating it at the source your gum line.
  • Brush and floss your teeth 2 time  a day to prevent gum loss.
  • Clean all area of your mouth, including between teeth and along the gum line.
  • Avoid acidic foods and drinks.
There are numerous product and toothpaste available to treat tooth sensitivity but they are either expensive or chemical based and may effect your teeth even more.

Today i have brought for you some of best old and effective remedies being used over the years.

Lets have a look on them,


Garlic is a strong smelling herbal bulb that add flavors to different dishes around globe.It contain compounds that are beneficial to your oral and overall health.
Garlic is rich in allicin a antibacterial agent and a natural anesthetic.It works efficiently in relieving tooth sensitivity while preventing and fighting serious health concerns like an abscess infection. Garlic also helps kill the bacteria and the germs responsible for causing teeth diseases and cavities.
How to Use

  • Garlic Clove             1
  • Sea Salt                  1/2 tea spoon

  • Take a one garlic clove and crushed it. 
  • Make a paste by mixing half a teaspoon of sea salt and two drops of water. 
  • Apply the paste directly onto the affected teeth,
  •  allowing the mixture to sit for a few minutes before rinsing with warm salt water.
  • Repeat the process twice daily.

(b)  Rubing Garlic
  • If you do not have the time to make a paste then
  • simply cut a garlic clove in half 
  • then gently rub the cut juicy side against the affected teeth for about 10 minutes.
  • Then rinse with salt water.

(c). chewing garlic
Chewing on a piece of garlic briefly produces a compound called allicin that has antimicrobial properties and may help kill bacteria that can lead to oral diseases tooth decay and cavities.

2.Red Onion
Red onions contain flavonoids. It have great anti inflammatory properties that can soothe the pain resulting from tooth sensitivity.Red onions also have profound antimicrobial properties that aid in killing harmful bacteria in the mouth which can cause varying oral infections.The antiseptic properties of the onion will eliminate the bacteria in the mouth, which significantly contributes to teeth pain.

How to Use
  • Cut a piece of red onion to a size small enough to fit comfortably in your mouth. 
  • Place the slice on the affected teeth,and hold it in position for at least five minutes. 
  • After taking the onion out,thoroughly rinse your mouth with salt water to prevent bad breath.
  •  Repeat the process twice a day or as necessary.

(b) Chewing onion
Chewing raw onion for approx 3 minutes is sufficient to kill all the germs in the mouth and ensure protection from host of tooth disorders.
3.Guava Leaves
guava leaves are rich  with flavonoids  that have the potential to soothe toothache due to their pain relieving anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

You Need

 Fresh guava leaves           few
 Salt                           1/2  tea spoon

How to Use

  • Take some guava leaves and wash them thoroughly.
  • Chew  them for 1-2 minutes and make sure that the juice reaches the affected area then spit it out.
  • You must do this 1-2 times daily.

(b) Guava Leave Gargling Water

The other way in getting the benefits of guava leaves for toothache is by preparing home made gargling water. 

How to Make 

  • Take a cup of water  in a deep pan  add salt and boil it. 
  • Add four or five fresh guava leaves and put it into the water. 
  • Boil the water with the leaves for some time till the water changes its color.
  • Remove it from the stove when it looks like a brewery. 
  • Let the solution cool down a bit before you use it.
  • Use this home made gargling water to rinse your mouth
  • Use two to three times a day.

4.Saltwater rinse

Using a saltwater rinse as a mouthwash is another way to fight bacteria in the mouth and improve oral hygiene.

How to Use

To make a saltwater rinse add half a teaspoon of salt to 1/2 of warm water. Then swish the salt water around the mouth many times before spitting it out.

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Make Your Own Nail Polish Remover With Natural Ingredients,Money Saving Remedy

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Every woman love experimenting with new colors on their nails,and nail polish remover is the most important product of their make up kit.They must have been using regular nail polish removers for wiping away their polishes since long,But do you know that most of the commercial nail polish removers contain a harmful chemical called acetone which causes several serious risks to your health and can take away the natural protective coating from your nails making them weak and brittle.

The commercial nail polish remover contain the 4 major chemical ingredients,


 Cause headaches,dizziness

2.Butyl acetate

 irritated eyes,skin,nose,mouth 

3.Ethyl acetate 

 irritated stomach and throat,high levels can cause fainting

4.Isopropyl acetate

 sleepiness  and anxiety

Then question comes in mind if they dangerous and risky then what is the alternative for commercial remover.
Nature kept the secret,Several  natural ingredients, available in your house can be best alternative of chemical remover 

Today i have brought you best home made nail polish remover  that is easy to make and give best results.

Vinegar and Lemon Juice 

You Need

lemon juice

How to Make

  • Take a clean glass bowl
  • Now take white vinegar around 1/4 cup
  • Add equal amount of fresh lemon juice into it
  • mix them well.

How to Use

  • Soak your finger into solution for 1-15 minutes.
  • Now take  cotton ball and rub on your nails
  • Remove the nail polish by repeat rubbing with cotton ball.

NOTE.Never scratch your nail polish with nail or other metal as it weaken nail


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How to Remove Upper Lip Hair,Home Made Sugaring Wax Remedy

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you do not need to worry about and to visit the beauty parlor and spend huge amount of money to get rid of your upper lip hairs and do not let upper lip hair embarrass you anymore. you are on the right place to get rid of this issue.I have brought you simple and easy remedy that will last long and give permanent result without any pain and cast.

Its natural for men and women to have body hair but these are usually very fine and light in color. If these grows thick and dark it can be embarrassing for you If you are a woman and you have a lot of hair growing in places where it normally does just for men like your upper lip chin chest stomach or back then defenately you may wish to remove them. 

Cause of hair grow on upper lips

Hair growth on the upper lip is as common as the hair on your scalp but in some women hormonal imbalances can cause upper lip hair to grow more than normal.

There are different causes of hair grow

1.Harmonal Imbalance

Most of time the condition is linked to high levels of male hormones called androgens. It is normal for women bodies to make these and low levels don not cause excess hair growth. But when these amounts are too high they can cause hirsutism and other things like acne deep voice and small breasts.

Higher levels of androgens can cause body and facial hair to be thicker.some women produce more androgens which causes them to grow more facial and body hair including along their upper lip.


PCO'S is the most common cause of excess body hair in women. PCOS is a hormone imbalance that causes the body to produce too many androgens.

3.Certain Medication

Some certain medications can cause excessive hair growth in woman.These medicine includes
  • .antidepressants
  • .some antibiotics
  • .sleeping medications
Use of drug also contribute in imbalancing the hormones,drugs like alcohol,tobacco or other drugs etc

5.Thyroid disorders

The thyroid produces hormones that help regulate metabolism and body temperature. When the thyroid malfunctions it may create an imbalance of hormones that may cause excess body hair in women.

There are many effective way to remove hair from the upper lip. People can choose their preferred method depending on their skin type budget and how long they want the effects of hair removal to last.Popular methods ares

  • Tweezing
  • Hot wax
  • Hair removal creams
  • Use a razor
  • Threading

But using these methods are extremely painful.Hair removal cream available in the mareket can have chemical and may make situation worst even more and give temporary result.

Today i have brought the best and easy to make and apply home remedy.
lets start making

Home Made Sugaring Wax

 Sugar waxing is the preferred and old  method of natural upper lip hair removal for many woman around world.

You Need

Chamomile              4 tea bags
Sugar                      1 cup
Lemon juice              1/4 cup

How to Make 

  • Take a cup of water in a pan and place 4 chamomile tea bags into it.
  • Now cover up the pan and let it to boil.
  • Boil it for 2 minutes then remove the heat.
  • Let it get cool for 30 minutes.
  • Now remove the tea bags and take i/4 cup of tea in fused mixture.
  • Now add 2 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice into it and mix well to combine them.
  • Boil for 2-3 minutes on medium heat.
  • Transfer the mixture into a bowl and let it cool.

How to Apply

  • Use a ice cream stick to spread the mixture over your upper lip.
  • Place a cotton  strip over the area and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Pull off the waxing strip in the opposite direction of your hairs growth.
  • do it for 2 or 3 time un till all hair are removed completely.
  • this remedy will not let grow to come back again

NOTE.If you do not  use all the sugaring mixture you can store it in an airtight container until your next use.

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Potato Face Mask For Hyper Pigmentation,Dark and Brown Spot and Close Large Skin Pores.Old and Effective Home Remedy

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Face skin is the most delicate and sensitive and exposes to direct sunlight ,dust and pollution all the  Face skin needs extra care and attention and if we ignore the consequences are in the form of black and white heads,hyper pigmentation blemishes, freckles and dark spots .face become dull and rough and look aged.  complexion turns dark and put bad impression on your personality.

To prevent dark spots,black and white heads,and freckles you have to clean your face skin at regular basis. There are many expensive creams and beauty products  available in market claiming to remove freckles hyper pigmentation and black and white heads but These products are made of chemicals which may harm your skin in long run and create acne and pimples on your face skin.

Today I am going to tell you a very easy and simple potato and carrot juice face mask that will remove all dirt from you skin,face darkness,black and white heads,freckles,Make face skin whiten and clean.
This mask is very easy to make and use.All ingredients are natural easily available as you use these ingredients in your daily common life.This face mask have incredible and permanent results.Once you use, you see the difference.

Let's stark making,

You Need,

  • Gram Flour               1 tablespoon
  • Fresh Potato Juice   1 tablespoon
  • Fresh Carrot Juice   1 tablespoon  

How To Make

  • Take medium size potato,
  • wash it and peel it
  • Now Grate it and extract juice with the help of strainer.
  • Take medium size carrot,wash it and peel it of.
  • Grate it and extract juice with the help of strainer.
  • Now take a small clean glass bowl.
  • Add 1 tablespoon gram flour 1 tablespoon potato juice and 1 tablespoon carrot juice into it.
  • Mix very well all ingredients to make fine semi thick smooth paste.
  • Your face mask is ready to use now.

How To Apply

  • Wash your face with normal water and pat it dry with tissue or towel.
  • Apply this paste on your  face with the help of foundation brush or fingers.
  • Apply thoroughly to make a  thick layer of paste on skin.
  • Now let it leave for 15 to 20 minutes or until complete dry.
  • After complete dry, rub your face with wet finger tips gently in circular motion for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • when time is wipe mask from skin with the help of wet sponge.
  • Wash your face with cold water.
  • Use this mask twice a week for best and permanent results.

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Get Rid of Hair Fall and Damage Hair,Home Made Shampoo With Amla Reetha Shikakai to Get Long Black and Shiny Hair

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When it comes hairs in beauty concern,Getting black,long,shiny and healthy hairs are dream of every one.Hair care starts with different oil,shampoos,conditioners etc. Generally start with shampoo.There are various brands of shampoos available in market claiming their product to be the best,It becomes difficult which one to pick. In reality all these shampoos are loaded with harmful chemicals,which are not good for your hair or they give temporary result and in long run damage hair even more.

Natural ingredient like Reetha, Amala and Shikakai are well known for hair care and being used over the centuries .These 3 natural ingredients are known to protect hair from the harmful chemicals and make them healthy.These three herbal fruits are good for your hair when mixed together.

There are many benefits of using amla,reetha and shikakai and why  you should apply this rich combination on your hair.

Lets have a look on their hair benefits,

1.amla  (Gooseberry)

Amla is also known as gooseberry,contains high amount of antioxidants,which helps repair damaged hair and cells. A regular use of amla protect hair from further damages. It is important to take care of your hair cells because growth and greying of hair depend on the function of the hair cells. Amla also helps preventing hair fall and baldness.

Massaging your scalp with amla oil helps boost blood circulation.This optimizes nourishment to your follicles and increases hair growth. Along with vitamin C,amla is also  help keep hair and follicles healthy by fighting off the damage-causing free radicals.

2.Shikakai  (Acacia concinna)
Shikakai has rich amount of vitamin C,which is beneficial for your hair. Shikakai naturally lowers the pH value and retains the natural oils of the hair and keeps them lustrous and healthy.It is also effective in strengthening hair roots.

Shikakai is known as the hair fruit has been used as a hair care ingredient for centuries.This Ayurvedic herb is often used as a shampoo replacement because of its excellent cleansing properties.

Shikakai is also rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C,K,and D which help nourish hair and keep it healthy.It helps Fights Dandruff Nourishes your focillie  Cleanses Your Hair and Adds Shine.

3.Reetha  (soapnut)

Reetha is one of the popular herbs  among the Ayurveda,it is famous for the beneficial effects it has on hair as it is not just good but great for the health of hair.
Reetha the soapnut is used for conditioning of hair and fair skin tone and it gives healthy and shining is the best way to fight hair fall and other hair problems. 

Lets start making the home made shampoo,

You Need

Reetha                5-6 pods
Shika kai             6-7 piece
Amla                   few pods
water                  2 cup

How to Make

  • Take a clean bowl.
  • Soak amla,reetha and shika kai over night.
  • In the morning heat the mixture on low flame.
  • When it start boiling turn off the heat.
  • Allow the mixture to cool. 
  • Now blend it into blender.
  • Strain the mixture and separate residue of the ingredients.
  • keep the mixture in container or bottle.
  • Your shampoo is ready to use.

How to Use

  • When going for bath make your hair wet.
  • Now pour few drops of mixture onto your palm
  • Now apply it on your hair and massage gently like you normally do.
  • Then rinse off with water.

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Anti Wrinkle Face Mask For Fresh and Youthful Skin,Natural Botox For Lose and Saggy Skin

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Wrinkles are the part of our natural aging process wrinkle are creases,fold or ridges on our skin.

First wrinkles appear on a person face  as a result of facial expressions. Sun damage,smoking, dehydration,some medications, and environmental and genetic factors  cause to develop wrinkles but it is not appealing for anyone. If you are looking for remedies to get wrinkle free skin naturally then you are on right post. 

Although wrinkles are normally associated with aging process but do not surprise if you see them in your mid 20.  there are some factor triggering to wrinkle fine line to appear before time like  lifestyle,stress,
poor diet,environmental factors,lack of sleep etc 
first of all lets know what are wrinkle exactly and why they occur.


Collagen and elastin are two main components for our skin.They help keeping our skin smooth and tight. But as we grow old,the collagen production starts to gradually decreased and it becomes almost beyond repair. That is when our skin starts to lose its collagen content and we can see the effects clearly on the top layer of the skin.

Skin loses its natural elasticity and turns saggy.In this process skin becomes thin and starts to develop creases .These creases are what we commonly call wrinkles. We mostly get wrinkles on forehead,around the mouth,and the under eye area.The skin on these parts of the skin are thinner than the rest of the body which makes them more vulnerable to develop aging signs.

Causes of Wrinkles

  • Aging
  • sun exposure
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Genetics issue
  • Pollution
  • Stress
  • sleep deficiency
  • Poor diet
  • Poor skin care product

There are many product and cream available in the market that claim to keep your skin tight and wrinkle free but they are temporary and have chemical ingredients and damage your skin in long run even more.So i always suggest use of home remedies using natural ingredient for skincare as these are  effective  being used over the decade cheap and have no side effect.

Today i have brought best and effective anti wrinkle home remedy.
Lets start making.

Honey and Yogurt Mask

Honey and yogurt are two ingredients that have been used for n skincare for centuries. honey makes for an exfoliator and brightens the skin the lactic acid in yogurt reduces the visibility of wrinkles and fine line and peels away dead  skin cells.

You Need

Yogurt                         1/2 cup
Honey                           2 table spoon

How to Make

  • Take a clean glass bowl.
  • Now add both ingredients into it and mix them well.
  • Make a smooth consistency lotion form.

How to Apply

  • Wash your face and pat dry.
  • Now with the help of finger or foundation brush apply lotion on face. 
  • Massage for a 20 minutes.
  • Make a layer of lotion on your face. 
  • Let it get absorbed into your skin and get dry.then Wash your face with normal water.
  • Repeat it 2-3 time in a week.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Home Made Fairness Night Cream for Fair And Glowing Skin With Rose Petal,Get Bright and Shining Face In 1 Week

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There are many reasons of getting skin dark,dull and dry.Being to sun exposure most of time,ultra violet rays badly damage our skin.Dust,smoke and pollution are also key factor triggering to dark can beat the dry skin white by making a few small changes to your routine. Adding moisture to your epidermis whenever possible is key to warding off dry,dark skin and the discomfort that may come along with it.

This home made night cream makes the skin feel better from the first application.This face cream can be used as a moisturizer under neath your makeup. It will easily penetrate the skin surface to achieve a deeper level of moisture. When used in conjunction with the proper moisturizer the moisturizer will help to lock in the serum.

There are numerous cream and serum claiming to make you white and bright in a a day but they are loaded with chemical and they may give you results but temporarily and in a long run make your damage your skin and causes skin cancer.

How Ingredients Help Your Skin.

1.Rose Petals  
Rose petals are high in antioxidants that fights off free radicals and thus protect the skin from several damages, including premature aging. In fact they can control excess oil secretion of sebum glands, and thus, give an oil free glowing skin.Rose petals also have amazing moisturizing properties, which is particularly great for dry as well as sensitive skin. Presence of rose water in this serum for face also helps to heal blemishes, acne scars and brighten the complexion. Vitamin C also boosts collagen production, to keep the skin firm and youthful.

Raw Milk  
Raw milk is another major ingredient of our face serum for fair and glowing skin. It is rich in B vitamins, alpha hydroxy acid, calcium along with other antioxidants. Raw milk is a natural face cleanser. Also it acts as a great natural moisturizer for our skin. Moreover, it removes flaky skin, lighten sun tan and also helps to get rid of skin pigmentation. Lactic acid in milk helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal soft, smooth and glowing skin.

Vitamin E

We have also added Vitamin E in this serum for face.Vitamin E is a superb antioxidant. It nourishes our skin from within and results in a naturally radiant skin. Vitamin E oil also helps to fade away marks and scars and lighten complexion. It boosts cell regeneration. Furthermore this amazing antioxidant is a great way to fight premature aging. It helps to restore the lost moisture which makes it a great remedy for dry and damaged skin.

Aloe Vera Gel 

 Our face serum also contains aloe vera. We all know that aloe vera is a blessing for our skin. Aloe vera is a great natural moisturizer. Aloe vera gel also contains two hormones Auxin and Gibberellins. They have anti inflammatory and skin healing abilities. Gibberellins in aloe vera promotes new cell growth. Aloe vera too has anti aging properties. It contains a number of antioxidants including beta carotene vitamin C and E that can help improve the skin natural firmness and also keep the skin hydrated.
Lets start making the remedy,

You Need

1 Rose flower
2-3 tbsp of raw milk
1 vitamin E capsule
2-3 tbsp Aloe vera gel
Essential oil of your choice

How to Make 

  • Take the rose flower make sure it is either red or pink and separate the petals.
  • Wash the petals in water and then put them in the grinder. 
  • Add the raw milk and grind both the ingredients to make a paste.
  • With the help of a strainer,strain the paste and also separate the semi thick liquid.
  • Keep it in a dry container.
  • Now add the rest of the ingredients and keep stirring until it forms a cream like texture. 
  • Now your night cream for fair and glowing skin is ready.

How to Use.

  • Before going to bed wash your face with normal water.
  • Pat your face dry.
  • Now apply this cream and gently massage for 4-5 minutes.
  • Let it get absorbed into skin.
  • In the morning wash your face with water.

Note.Transfer the lotion in a dry container and keep it in the refrigerator for reuse.